My dad didn’t dress up much for high quality replica

loving father to Mar

A couple of weeks ago, my dad and I stood on a Palm Beach sandbar staring at President Trump’s Mar a Lago golf club and resort. My dad didn’t dress up much for high quality replica handbags china the trip. He was wearing his quintessential summer garb of kneehigh white sport socks, a faux polo shirt from the sale rack, and a pair of somewhat saggy khaki shorts.

We used my camera’s zoom to see the president’s resort because the local police and the red shirted Mar a Lago security guard who was staked outside don’t allow commoners an up close view.

From our perch on the side of the bay furthest away from Mar a Lago’s front gates, we could catch a glimpse of the the lush replica louis vuitton handbags green manicured lawns and white tents that workers were in the process of setting up for weekend events. Most of what goes on at Trump’s members only resort happens behind the terracotta walls and requires the recently doubled $200,000 membership fee.

Even though my dad and I were standing on the same sandbar, looking through the same zoomed phone screen, squinting in the same midday sun, and turned away by the same security guard best replica handbags , we saw totally different things.

I saw the disgustingly gaudy property of a self serving, thin skinned, unethical womanizer. I saw the home of a man who seems willing to destroy the country for the sake of protecting his ego. I saw the house of a putative billionaire who hoodwinked working class Americans into believing that he’s a fiscally 1:1 replica handbags conservative populist and yet spends $3.6 million in taxpayer money each weekend to relax at his estate. I saw the house of a con artist.

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My dad, squinching his eyes to see Mar a Lago across the bay cheap louis vuitton bags from china , saw the estate of a president who deserves and earns all that he has. “He will make my taxes be lesser. I think my sense of America’s place aaa replica designer handbags in the world will make me feel better,” my dad said.

The entire drive on I 95 to the sandbar where we stood looking at Mar a Lago we talked politics, like we always do. We talked politics as we walked along the ocean boardwalk after Mar a Lago. There were a couple of other things we talked about that day, like my woes about the cost of housing in San Francisco and the tree that fell down on my parents’ house during a recent winter storm in Boston, but, like usual, our conversation settled squarely on politics.

We’ve never talked much about our feelings. My dad tells this story where when he immigrated from England in his 30s, he was Fake Louis Vuitton Replica Bags about to board the boat replica designer handbags to America and his mother shook his hand, pointed to his luggage and said, “Take care of that trunk, son.” I was raised in Boston and my California friends still make fun of my aversion to hugging. These are not exactly conditions that are ripe for touchy feely parent child communication.

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But my dad and Discount Replica Louis Vuitton Bags I can debate for hours about the merits fake louis bag of special counsel appointments and FBI investigations.

My dad still forwards me news articles the old fashioned way through the mail with Post its fake designer bags that read, “Thought you’d be interested in this one.”

Even though we are political opposites, we are also very much alike. I learned from my dad’s example that I should pay attention to the world. During the first war in Iraq, my dad hung a National Geographic map on the kitchen wall so that we could see where the battles high quality designer replica handbags were taking place that we heard reported about on NPR as we ate breakfast before school.

I don’t think he planned on spawning a San Francisco liberal, but dad did help form me. He has always been my strongest, most challenging, and best informed sparring partner.

For years I’ve watched Fox News and read the Drudge Report so that I can anticipate my dad’s arguments all in the hopes that he might one day miraculously say, “You know what? That’s a good point.” I’m not sure if he also wants me to see it his way or, deep down, if he enjoys debating with me because it gives us something to talk about. House bid in Baltimore

I can’t make my dad see what I see, even when we’re staring at the same thing.

As we stood snapping father daughter selfies at Mar a Lago, I hoped we could stand there in the afternoon sun and we would see it the way I do. Instead, especially since Trump won, we replica louis vuitton don’t just have different perspectives on the beauty of the midday sun, sometimes we can’t even agree that there is a sun in the sky at all.

A few days after our visit to Mar a Lago a 4 by 4 sinkhole appeared on the road directly outside the compound’s front gate. In reporting the story, some journalists speculated on the role that climate change is playing in Florida and the rest of the country.

My dad doesn’t believe that climate change is real. He says that he has read and heard about scientists of “equal stature” including “eminent MIT scholars who are now on committees who say climate change is bullshit. There’s nothing to it.”

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My dad doesn’t trust climate scientists’ motives because he thinks that most of them are producing false conclusions so that they can continue to receive government funding for their labs.

His prediction was that Trump will call bullshit on the climate change hoax and kill the liberal cash cow. “I think you will see this climate conference in Paris that Trump will simply say, ‘When you come up with something real, give me a buzz. In the meantime we aren’t going to tax American consumers to prevent something that maybe is just unprovable.'”

Turned out my dad predicted that right Trump pulled out of the Paris Agreement a little bit after our trip, even though, scientists say, Mar a Lago and Palm Beach will likely face dire consequences from rising sea levels.

A Guardian investigation showed that Mar a Lago grounds already face a high risk of flooding and, over the next 30 years, it could become uninhabitable.

As my dad and I took some seaside photos along the boardwalk at the end of Worth Avenue , the high end main street of Palm Beach, and my dad admired the natural beauty, I decided to keep my snarky “enjoy it while you can, climate change denier!” comments to myself.

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Since we couldn’t get in to Mar a Lago and we had traveled the 40 miles to get there, we spent the afternoon strolling through Palm Beach. As we walked past Chanel and Louis Vuitton on Worth Avenue, I asked my dad, “Do you care that Trump seems to be closing off government from the people?”

My dad says he believes in government transparency and that he wants “to see information published widely and loudly.” I am in graduate school studying to become an archivist and recently did an internship at a presidential library where I worked to preserve and make public presidential records. I’ve filed over a hundred Freedom of Information Act requests since Trump took office. I also want to see information published widely and loudly. Like Trump’s tax returns, for instance.

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